42nd Street Studio

Modest and fun 42ndStreet (once: FulHouse Studio) in one form or another
has enjoyed working with many local musicians and those who travel for a weekend
of recording and sleep deprovation.  If you would rather email me please do so, below.

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Half Analog and Half Didgital

The best of both worlds

I'm old, although I don't like to admit it.  I started recording in the 4-track days when everything was analog.  I love the depth and warmth of analog.  Forced to use digital as well, there is a nice wide line to play with.
Analog lives on.  

Recording Services 
42nd Street Studios
Formally FulHouse Studio
(1984 - 1999)
24 Track digital stand alone recorder
48 Track digital service
Mastering Service
All in-house back line - drums and amps
Complete service from recording to Disc
Production and live services available
Your music recorded your way
Please contct us for your recording services

Blues Host

Internet Hosting Serv ice since 1999

Special for users of 42nd Street:

Unlimited Data Storage for your web site and music. Unlimited eMail accounts with your domain name extension.

You control your site on the server.

$48.00 A YEAR

Contact us for more information.


Do it the right way.  DO NOT send a copy to yourself through the postal service.

Don't mess up and forget.  You can do as many songs as you want for $35 each group of songs.  They DO NOT have to be a completed songs as long each has some melody, a lyric or two (can be changed after). Very easy online.